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Peta Toppano
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Peta Toppano : Website Credits


Website Design & Management
Brian McDonald - RiSH Media

Website Architecture & Scripting
Sean Chadwick - RiSH Media

Robert Ivory and Joe Archer

Karen Travers Biography
Carl Clarke

Thank You...
I would like to thank Brian Mc Donald..... "my Cyber Angel". Thank you dearly to; Amanda Muggleton, Val Lehman, Carol Burns, in fact the whole Prisoner cast and crew and my gorgeous buddy Kerry Armstrong! I would also like to thank everyone who gave up their time and contributed something to my website. I feel really blessed to have you all working so hard to make this happen; Sean Chadwick and Jessica Terril of RiSH Media & Publicity, Carl Clarke for his wonderful Biography on Karen Travers (written specially for my website), Robert Ivory (multimedia genius) and Stephen West (for the Prisoner stills!). You are all very special people to whom I am most grateful.

I would like also to make a dedication to my beautiful Mum Peggy Mortimer, my Dad Enzo Toppano and my brothers Ren and Dean. I love you all very much.

" darling family... "