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Peta Toppano
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Peta Toppano : My Blog

11th May 2011

Hi Everyone,

My last "blog" was over 4 months ago!! So apologies for being so slack but life has been hectic! I've been moving around a lot and am currently staying in Collaroy. For those of you who are not familiar with Sydney, it's a wonderful spot on our lovely Northern Beaches. Great views of the ocean and even greater views of our famous Aussie surfer dudes on their way to the beach to catch early morning waves!

Love to all my friends who have kept up with me via Facebook and to all those who sent me birthday wishes. I'm so grateful to have you in my life!! A special thank you to Anthea for locating that "Flying Doctors" footage. I loved doing that episode. The script was really interesting and I got to do some riding so it was heaven for me. Also to see all those teriffic actors again. Rebecca Gibney looks exactly the same !

Saw "Water for Elephants" yesterday and loved it! R.Pattinson is far more than just a pretty Vampire, he's a really good actor and Reese Witherspoon is beautiful! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to join the circus and... is a bit of a romantic, like me! Also just saw Carrie Fisher in her one woman show called "Wishful Drinking". Funny & fabulous!

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Oz and I felt really sad that my Mum is no longer around. I really miss her energy and wonderful sense of humour. She was my best friend and one in a million!

The new "Prisoner" page is great thanks to you, Raphael. Yes I do remember Kenny M. He was a really talented cameraman and no doubt still is. My favorite on the show! And we had a really special crew. Imagine putting up with us for all those years!!

Right now, I have a really short haircut so I'll post some pics soon and see what you think. Even shorter than Karen's!! Woah! I'll keep you updated a lot more, I promise!

Lots of love,

Peta xxx

PS. I'll bet Ellie Ballentyne's events went really well. She would have had lots of interesting anecdotes to share, having been one of the absolute originals along with the wonderful Sheila, Val, Amanda, Patsy, Colette, Fiona, Kerry, Barry myself and many more.

4th January 2011

Hi Everyone,

Happy 4th of January everyone!! May the New Year bring you peace, happiness, blessings and love!!

Yes, I am still alive and thought it was high time I got back in touch. Thanks for all your fantastic and positive feedback regarding my Dad! He's still not great, however it's wonderful to have my brother and sister-in-law back from the U.S. They have been amazingly supportive. Families are insane, but it's so consoling to know they're there in difficult times!

Still slogging through "the cabaret that took 1,000 years to write"! It WILL happen before I die, I promise! It has taken some interesting twists and turns and possibly won't be anything you've ever seen me do in the past. I'm surprising myself. OOOOOOOOhhhhh scary, but interesting!!!! Hope you live long enough to see it! Just joking.

Saw "Blondie" & her AMAZING band last night supported by Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders. Two female rockin' legends. My friends & I screamed, sweated and danced in the aisles (and that was before the show started!). Seriously, those women are a force of nature, SO HOT and singing up a storm. Very encouraging as they are probably around my age .......... BRILLIANT!!

Who is hanging out for Season 4 of True Blood? The wait is killing me. Will Eric sook Sookie, will Alcide (be still my heart) return and did Sam's brother LIVE after Sam shot him in the back? I'm nuts about the very weird Franklin Mott (James Frain) and the absolutely insane Russel Edgington. Keep right on pushing that ennvelope Alan Ball and the writers who go where many would fear to tread.

I'll shut up about "T.B." in a minute but, it's my computer and I'll write what I want to!! L.O.L! There's this guy who sings the theme ("Bad Things") and he's called Jayce Everett and he has an album out called "Red Revelations". It absolutely ROCKS if you like pyschobilly country music. I like most things with "psycho" in the title.

Sorry for raving on guys. Just bringing you up to date with what I've been doing and what's getting me excited right now. Keep me posted with how you all are and what's happening in your lives as I really enjoy hearing from you.

Love and thanks for being the caring people you are,

Peta xxx

4th October 2010

Hi Everyone

Having had such a great time at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham back in July and such lovely positive feedback from you all, I have decided to return to the UK for Memorabilia in November. My friend Fiona Spence told me she had a fantastic time meeting new fans and saying hello to lots of well known British thespians!! I wish the current Dr. Who was going to show up I would definitely be bringing my autograph book and taking a tour of the TARDIS!!! I would also love to have met Hyacinth Bucket but I will say hello to her next door neighbour, Liz, played by Josephine Tewson.

Another great surprise is that Maggie Kirkpatrick and Glenda Linscott will also be there so it will be terrific to catch up with them.

I will be bringing a lot of interesting articles from shows such as Return to Eden, Fields of Fire, Home & Away and of course Prisoner. I will also be promoting the Cabaret Show I am planning for 2011 in the UK. Those of you who attended my event got a quick preview of a couple of the songs I plan to do and I've since found many more which I hope you'll enjoy.

I think Hazel will have to manacle me to the chair to stop me from running all over the pavilion to do a meet and greet with all the other Actors I have not yet met!!! She says we all get loose from our respective tables and do far too much socialising but boy it must be fun!!! Can't wait!! Sorry Hazel!!

See you soon!

Peta xxx

18th August 2010

Hi Friends

Today I return from the UK to Australia having had one of the most exciting and professionally rewarding times of my life!

During my stay here, I have visited many different places including; The Cotswolds, Bath ... Colin Firth where are you ..?!! Ironbridge where I participated in a reinactment of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' ... performed in Victorian tradition ... Sadly I got 'stage fright' and blew it as I was not wearing my glasses to be able to read three lines ... Oh the shame!! Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon - where I was recognised as 'Helen Poulos' from H&A ... What a blow when I wanted to come across as all 'actressy' and 'Shakespearian' .. Oh well, you can't win 'em all!! Shopped til I dropped in London where I saw 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' and was disappointed that my lovely friend Tony Sheldon had by then left the cast. Nevertheless a GREAT show and a standing ovation. Pretty unusual for a matinee. My friend and I participated in the 'From Hell' Jack the Ripper walk - as you all know I have a penchant for all things horror, however at the end of 2 hours in Whitechapel I was glad to get back to our Hotel where I intended to watch 'Shutter Island' but fell asleep forgetting that I had to pay for the bloody thing!!!! A rude shock when we arrived at the Reception Desk in the morning!

Stayed in a beautiful cottage in a place called Dumbleton and visited the location where Bridget Jones was filmed in Snowshill. Took masses of photos of everything!

The highlight of my stay was the event that took place at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham where I met many people I had been communicating with on Facebook - What a great bunch you are! Once again thank you for your presents, support, time, energy and love. I am still reeling from the aftermath of your sensational testimonials! Just a whisper at the moment but I would dearly love to return to The Old Joint Stock Theatre with the Cabaret Show which I mentioned on the day. Thanks must also go to the wonderful Ian Craddock and his team for the seamless way in which the whole day was conducted.

My friend Hazel and I also attended a 'Prog-Rock' concert in Cambridge, starring her amazing Cousins. A band called I.O. Earth which I guarantee we are going to be seeing and hearing lot more of in the future. If you come across any of their work have a listen I think they are my favourite band to date!

Well eveyone, thank you for one of the best experiences of my life and hi to all my Aussie mates. Looking forward to speaking to each and every one of you on Facebook and of course catching up with Season 3 of 'True Blood'! Can't wait to meet the warewolves. One in particular called 'Alcide' has severely caught my attention!! Apparently this series is the best so far. So, for those who can get HBO .. Don't miss it!!

My thanks to my darling friend Hazel for putting up with my mess in her gorgeous little house! When I return the suitcase will be empty I promise!!!! (Now that I know you can buy Nurofen in England ... and even Band Aid's !!!).

My love, thoughts and appreciation to you all.

Your friend

Peta xxx